June 13th, 2480

All I want to do is lie low, but the Orbis really wants me to find more information. I told them it's a little more dangerous now, the guards seem to be multiplying. I should be fine though, heh, famous last words. But I need to meet my sister, it's been too long since I've seen her, and there's no need to make her grieve more than once.

June 12th, 2480

I avoided talking to anyone today. Clados is still on internal lockdown. They have not found who is leaking the stories yet, but I'm worried they will. They've already proven that they're fine with killing. I'm torn. I know I need to find more proof of this. I know there is more to the story that I do not know of. But I also don't want to die.

June 8th, 2480

I met with Rebekah today again. I told her everything. The look of disgust and amazement was no surprise to me. She could not believe what I was telling her. She seemed for trustworthy of me. She knows how much I am risking by telling her all of this.

June 7th, 2480

I forced myself to go looking for more information. And I found it, I found a story that blows the last one out of the water. How could this company be so twisted. I found confidential papers about the hobos. They are being killed. I didn't just find a random dead body, they were killed here. Apparently Clados's advancement in technology is due to some Essence Transfer Technique. That is what they are using. They are moving the souls of the hobos they kill to the clone they want to make, and that somehow brings the clone alive. This must be why so many hobos were being brought in. How could people be so evil? Taking the lives of innocent homeless people, and using them to their sick advantage. This cannot be a secret anymore! Wait, was that me? Oh god, I'm a clone, does this mean I was born of this process? And the flashbacks. They must be from the poor hobo that was used for me.

June 6th, 2480

I finally did it. I snuck into one of the rooms again, and  I found information about chips that were being produced. They are supposedly implanting chips into each clone that has been made. But there isn't much information on it, and that's not the biggest thing I found. One of the rooms off to the side had a weird smell coming from it. I decided to go in and open one of the bags lying around. There was a body. Why would there be dead bodies in a Clados Lab? I thought they focused on bringing things alive, not killing them.

What sick game is Klaus playing?

June 5th, 2480

I spent the night on a bench near the door after I ordered Thai food.  I fell asleep trying to sort out these events and revelations. I saw people coming in. I recognized them from the smell the other night. The smell from that old sweater that I found. They are hobos'. Why are they being brought into Clados?

Tomorrow, I will go snooping again. Hopefully, I won’t get caught, and I can solidify this once and for all.

June 4th, 2480

I know it is risky, but I did more exploring today for information. It was a close call when another custodian was walking down the floor. I had to slip into a room that was unauthorized. I used the same access card. What I found was again, interesting. It did not make sense. I found a dirty sweater. It seems old and it was brown and let off a horrible stench. I heard footsteps close to me, so I left right after. I need to figure this out though.